Laser tag in Israel

What is Laser Tag in Israel? Laser Tag (laser tag, laser strike, laser ball in Israel, etc.) – the tactical game of a military character using the latest technologies for the purposes of training of special units of various countries. Laser tag fighter is armed with special weapons and sensors defeat that virtually eliminates injuries during games and trainings.
Electronically filled laser tag equipment enables efficient fire at the following distances: pistols - 50-100 meters , vending machines and assault rifles - not less than 150-200 meters , sniper rifles - to 300 meters. After hitting the target , both audible and vibration signal appear on the headband of the affected fighter. Depending on the scenario and mutual agreements, the number of hits may vary from 1 to 99. During the last hit all electronics are turned off, following by a " virtual death" . Sensors lesions are located on the headband, safety vest and guns ( optional), which makes the affected area is approximately equal to " chest target number 4 ." Precise fixed defeat electronics do not allow too much "smart" players saying, "I did not notice that I was killed ". Unlike a paintball or strike ball , laser tag does not have " McLeod ." This game is teamwork. Lonely and "all-knowing" terminators die first.
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Firing range does not allow easy win for the mindlessly pushing forward fighter – there is a need for not only an ability to quickly and accurately shoot, but to move correctly, being properly masked, an ability to think tactically and to make a right decision and to work as a team. Properly selected weapon arms and correctly located combat forces along with the battle tactics cause a successful outcome of the match.

The main advantages of laser tag in Israel

-The game goes without causing any pain , allowing women and children to participate as well .משחק לייזר
-Complete security for the player , since the infrared pulse is harmless to humans . For the defeated players there is no pain sensation, as it has been replaced by light and sound signal
-Accurate indication of the hit "target". We do not " Duncan MacLeod ." If there was a hit , the electronics will immediately alert about it.
-Real battlefield realism sensation, especially in the tactical plan . Given the fact that the player can be hit from a distance more than 200 meters , it makes the team carefully following the fighting strategy from start to finish.

-Various programming modes of the weapon gun calculated by the number of lives and ammunition, which allows even chances of a success for the players at different levels .Due to the mentioned above programming modes, there is an availability for a realization of different game scenarios.
- Long shooting range ( up to 400 meters - sniper rifles ) makes the game very close to the real combat activities. As well there is a benefit of the fact that there is no interference from a bad weather condition , as a light beam penetrates through the branches quietly, a terrible wind would not cause any disturbance , etc.
-The game does not require a specially equipped landscape , you can play wherever you want
-For women: there is a track bonus - an hour of a game will cause you a loss of a nearly 1 kg of your weight.
-You can play with any convenient for you clothes on, without awkward helmets and protective clothing
Safety of the player is in his own hands . Although, do not forget that no one is immune from the falls on a slippery grass or a stump. Even Rambo . You can play a laser tag all year round and at any weather conditions. During the hot weather light camouflage will ideally suit the players, and in the case of an absence thereof - organizers will offer a club camouflage.


Before the game, the participants are divided into the teams. Players are issued ammunition - rifles, headbands with sensors, camouflage (required for the purpose to keep players' clothing clean). The game may take place in the nature, in a country side, in a building, a warehouse, an office – yes, literally anywhere! The winning not always comes from a team that will be able to hit all the players of the opposite team . The meaning of this game is to go through the certain military missions, which are defined in a game scenarios. Each scenario - is a small passage from a life in a parallel or in virtual world.
Each team normally has 3-5 players. Players are also encouraged to share "function" , for example : 2 people –participating in attacking ('attackers), 2 people - the rear cover (" defenders "), 1 person - helps those who find the game difficult . Standard game usually lasts for 3 hours and includes a variety of the game scenarios and tasks such as : an assault, hostage rescue , capture the flag , everyone - for himself , treasure hunt , etc.
Pared with the accuracy and the reaction speed of players, one of the main victory influencing criteria are also the tactics and team strategy.
The game requires some physical effort , because everything happens at an extremely fast pace.

The recipe for the perfect game

PAIN REMOVEמשחק לייזר
"But is the absence of pain THAT good?", you might think . The main myth , with which we have to deal with – IT SHOULD HURT ! Statistics show that customers love to talk more about pain than experiencing it . A special device was proposed in one of the games. This device was attached to the stomach and was suggested to cause a strong severe pain when a target was hit . After that no any volunteers wishing to play a game with the attached device on their bodies have been found.
Outdoor laser tag differs from a paint ball. The main difference is that there is no pain during a laser tag game (shooting is produced by a harmless light beam ) . For this reason you can play a game with no putting on protective suits and masks. There is no need in building protective fences either .

Increase the firing range

Another difference from the paintball will be a shooting range, which is in almost 10 times bigger . This feature is a key change to the nature of the game , expanding the player possibilities, giving a h freedom of action which brings him closer to the real combat conditions (special combat units in advanced countries are using a similar equipment ) .

To simplifires a hit

Not every player has long time experience or training in shooting. In fact, only few people know how to shoot.
In the game like paintball where the fire is conducted by balls, a balance is achieved- the enemy stays at a distance of 20-30 meters, and untrained person at such a distance may hit a target . In fact the target , the enemy is never so close and a player has to shoot from a distance of 100 meters or more. But hit the target at such a distance for an unprepared player is very difficult, which is naturally resulting in a loss of an interest and a frustration.
Outdoor laser in laser tag equipment is configured in a such way, that the chance of hitting the target from a distance will be much higher : firstly , the beam is focused, so it hits a larger area , and secondly, it spreads quickly .
So, here is athe recipe : no pain + futher + better= outdoor laser tag .

We believe that the only downside of our outdoor laser tag equipment is a lack of a weapon vibration during the "firing" . In our future version of this weapon such a disadvantage will be considered for a correction.

Rules and regulations

Many of us like to play the war games , but there is a number of reasons why the majority still does not play it. We analyzed the causes and offer a perfect war game recipe for nearly everyone.משחקי לייזר
We shall consciously indicate what is PROHIBITED during a game and we shall not dwell on what is allowed.
Experience shows that players make decisions on principle ... "not banned - so it is possible"
- Start the game in a state of alcoholic , narcotic or any other intoxication. The degree of intoxication is irrelevant
- to go beyond the specified and designated playing area
- to shut (disconnecting , making it dirty on purpose, flipping, tearing , etc.) defeat sensors
- to remain in the playing area after the "death" . After being " killed " - to rise above a straight trunk and the go to the base
-in a case of a "death", not to show any indication of the location of opposite team
-If the scenario provides some fetish (flag , bomb , etc.) , it is forbidden to continue to move with him after " death." " Killed " - put your fetish where you are , and again go to the base.
- Going into dogfight "
- Breaking the equipment . ( Never served in the army people sometimes believe that the gun barrel can operate as a crowbar , and butt - like a hammer or a shovel ) . If you decide to crawl , pay close attention to the integrity of the spiral cord.

For violation of above mentioned rules there are the following penalties:
-verbal warning
- removal of one player for one round
-defeat award for the whole team
-introduction of a player or team in the "black list" with lifelong dismissal
-collecting financial funds , in a case ofa hardware failure


Waiver is a document in which a player ( or a parent, if the player is a minor), or the whole team confirms their knowledge of safety rules and prohibitions and illegal activities , as well as giving confirmation of understanding all the obligations described in the waiver.
Waiver is to be completed before the delivery of equipment for rental purposes . In the waiver all the fields must be filled in. If no player name and signature appears, such waiver will be deemed invalid
Waiver can be completed before the game , and arriving at the game player should pass the completed waiver to the instructor. To do this, download the waiver and fill it in now.
* Please fill in all fields - download here (file article Hebrew Microsoft Word (.doc) - Game_Agreement_LaserGame 49,0 KB)

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